The premiere of my woodwind quartet (flute, oboe, clarinet, & bassoon) will be on Tuesday November 28th at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in the Westbrook Recital Hall (room 119, Westbrook Music Building – not Kimball Recital Hall).  The concert starts at 6:30 p.m. and will last a little under an hour.  Admission is free.

The quartet is for flute, oboe, clarinet, & bassoon.  It is in four movements.  Click here for a copy of the program notes.

The concert is being given by the Quasar Quartet (see below).  The program also includes arrangements of a prelude and fugue by J. S. Bach and four contradances by W. A. Mozart.  The contradances are distant cousins of the dances danced at the Lincoln Contradances each month.

If you click here you can get some information about my other musical compositions.  If you are a wind player and are interested in obtaining a copy of the music (score and parts) to the quartet you can e-mail me at gaskell@inetnebr.com.





[I’ve noticed that people in the performing arts tend to post favorable reviews of their works and performances on their office doors so I thought I would put selected favorable reviews here!!]


Timothy (age 10): “it’s great”

Timothy: “It’s fantastic!”



Laura (age 4 and not noted for sitting still) “I think the slow movement is boring!”

Mommy: “Just ignore her – she’s only a four year old!”

Timothy: “It’s really good!”

Timothy: “It’s wonderful!”

Mommy: “Now Daddy, I want you to realize that the whole family thinks your quartet is great too.”

Daniel (age 8): “yes!”

Laura: “I think it’s great too!”





Jenny Englin is a senior flute performance major in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), School of Music.  Jenny is from Rapid City, South Dakota, where she plays Celtic music etc. in a band called “No Clue”.

Beth Murphy is a senior oboe performance at UNL.  She is from Moscow, Idaho, and has an affinity for elephants with large ears.

Gretchen Anderson is a junior clarinet performance major at UNL, with a minor in religion.  She is from Blair, Nebraska.

Dave Baker is a senior bassoon performance major at UNL.  He’s from Overland Park in Kansas.  He likes to play accordion in his spare time and the other members of the quartet say he really likes root beer.




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