1) Attendance


A list of rehearsal and concert dates will be given out at the start of each semester.  Players are expected to be able to attend all of these.


2) Rehearsal Times


Unless prior arrangements have been made with the music director, players should arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled rehearsal time so that they can be seated, in tune, and ready to start playing at the designated starting time.


3) Additional Special Events


When the orchestra receives invitations to play at special events these will be discussed with orchestra families.  Additional events at times other than the regularly scheduled rehearsal and concert times will only be arranged if enough players are able to play in them.


4) Concert attire


Concert attire is “white on top; black on the bottom”.  Everyone should wear long black skirts or trousers, black socks or tights, dress shoes, and white shirts for our concerts.


5) Practicing


All players are expected to practice diligently, and to come to rehearsals knowing their parts well.  The orchestra needs to be able to make the best use of limited rehearsal time, and rehearsal time cannot be spent teaching players parts that should have been learned at home. 


6) Supplies


Each player should have a black three ring binder for keeping music in. When you download music off the orchestra web site, please punch holes in it and put in the three-ring binder. Tape and arrange the music in the binder so that you can turn pages easily. Please put a label with your name on the inside of the binder.


7) Problems and concerns


Do please tell us right away if you see a problem or have a concern so that we can deal with small problems before they become big ones.


8) Deportment


An orchestra is a beautiful picture of Christ’s Body. Everyone has a part to play and every member needs every other member to make beautiful music together for our Lord. Strong players should strive to be good examples to the weaker players and encourage them along wherever possible. Please help us foster a spirit of cooperation and friendliness, and minimize the spirit of competitiveness so that we please the Lord with our efforts together.


9) Contact Information


Orchestras Secretary:                           Barbara Gaskell, 464-9664 (

Senior Orchestra Music Director:          Martin Gaskell, 464-9664 (

Treasurers:                                           Amy Hoover (489-0275) & Jane Dowd (489-8870)