This is me with the family after the 2009 3M half marathon in Austin, TX.

(I’m wearing a medal because they gave one to everybody at the finish – not because I won anything!)

NEW: YouTube music videos:      Pi Acres” Suite (complete)     Performance of "Fantasia for Viola and Orchestra"    Choral Preludes for Organ    Song of the Night”(guitar solo performance)

I am an astrophysicist living in Chile.   If you want to learn about my research you can go to my astrophysics page at the University of Valparaiso: or my old astrophysics home page at at the University of Texas   My wife, Barbara, and I have three children. We’re a pretty scientific family.  Barbara is a micropaleontologist by training (likes to look at little dead critters from millions of years ago).  Our eldest son is a senior honors computer science major in Texas, our middle son is a sophomore honors geosciences student in Texas, and our daughter might become a biological researcher (interested in critters that are still alive!).

I am also a composer of what is popularly called “classical” music.  If you are interested in my music go to (you can hear MP3s and download some PDF files of sample pages of sheet music) or click on the YouTube links above.  We sing and play music together a lot as a family.


             Running – long distance (between 5 km and half marathons).   Our whole family runs.

             Dancing – I love American square and contra dancing (contras are my favorite) and English country dancing.  I’ve also done some Irish and Scottish country dancing, and Chilean cueca dancing.  Our family helped start the Lincoln Contra Dances.

             Telescope making – see here for some pictures of telescope mirror making parties.

             Relationship between faith and science       – Modern Astronomy, the Bible, and Creation [web page link]

                                                                                    – Modern Astronomy, the Bible, and Creation [printable PDF file]

list of Bible verses about astronomy, the origin of the universe, etc. [PDF file]


 E-mail me: martin.gaskell.astro [at]