Pi Acres” Photos




House from the SW                                                                                          Screen porch



Pi Acres seen from 5 yds inside west edge of property         View of house and barns from just inside NW corner of property



                        Chicken coop, chicken yard, pole barn, and our grain silo to west                      The “Fish Meadow”



Looking into the orchard from the SW                                      View of orchard (beyond gate) and organic vegetable gardens from SE



Inside the kitchen looking over the dish washer to the back door.                                   More of the kitchen.



Fireplace and family hearth in the living room                             Living room and glass door to screen porch



#1 upstairs bathroom                                        View out of upstairs SW corner office/bedroom



View from dining room window looking due south                     Winter sunrise view (SE) from dining room window



View of Pi Acres from the south.                                                          View of Pi Acres from SE in fog


Going north up the gravel road to Pi Acres  (this road is well maintained and

ploughed promptly in winter because it is a school bus route)



View to SE from dining room window after a storm                   Stormy sunset view to the west (we get many amazing cloudscapes!)